Agenda and minutes

Regulatory Board
Wednesday, 15th January, 2020 6.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber

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Apologies for non-attendance


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Declarations of Interest

All Members are required to disclose, at this point in the meeting or as soon as possible thereafter, any disclosable pecuniary interest or personal interest in any item(s) being considered at this meeting.


cCouncillor Foster-Reed declared that he knew the applicant for agenda item 6 23 The Parkway and took no further discussion on the discussion or voting thereon.


Minutes of the meeting held on 16 October 2019 pdf icon PDF 98 KB


RESOLVED: That the minutes of the meeting of the Board held on 16th October 2019 be signed as a true and correct record.


Deputations - Standing Order 3.4

(NOTE: The Board is required to receive a deputation(s) on a matter which is before the meeting of the Board provided that notice of the intended deputation and its object shall have been received by the Borough Solicitor by 12 noon on Monday, 13 January 2020.  The total time for deputations in favour and against a proposal shall not exceed 10 minutes).


Deputations were received on the following items


·         17/0290/FULL – Royal Clarence Marina

·         19/00314/VOC – Royal Clarence Marina

·         19/00375/FULL – Brockhurst Gate

·         19/00371/FULL – 23 The Parkway


Public Questions - Standing Order 3.5

(NOTE: The Board is required to allow a total of 15 minutes for questions from Members of the public on matters within the terms of reference of the Board provided that notice of such Question(s) shall have been submitted to the Borough Solicitor by 12 noon on Monday, 13 January 2020).



There were none.


Report of the Head of Planning and Regeneration pdf icon PDF 301 KB

Schedule of planning applications with recommendations.

(grey sheets pages 1-39)



The Head of Planning and Regeneration submitted a report on applications received for planning permission setting out their recommendations.


RESOLVED:  That a decision be taken on each application for planning permission as detailed below.


17/00290/FULL - CAR PARKING STRATEGY (AMENDMENT TO CAR PARKING STRATEGIES APPROVED 29.02.08 AND 16.10.15) (CONSERVATION AREA) (as amended by documents received 18.11.19 and 06.01.20)

Royal Clarence Marina  Weevil Lane  Gosport  Hampshire   


The Planning Officer updated the Board.


They were advised that within paragraph 6 of the principal issues reference was made to the daytime commercial parking being made available to visitors after 6pm within North Meadow (Zone 2), however, this was incorrect and those spaces would actually be made available to residents. 


Within Condition 2 relating to the plans, reference to the car parking management plan should be updated from 15 November 2019 to 6 January 2020 as a new document had been provided to address the changes in numbers to Zone 3 noted in paragraph 3 of the ‘site and proposals’ within the report.


Condition 3 was proposed to be amended and split into three parts, introducing a trigger for providing the timetable.  It was, therefore, proposed that the first part was amended to require the timetable for the implementation of the parking etc., to be provided to the Council within six months of the decision being issued.  The second part requires the works to be carried out in accordance with the approved details and timetable and a third part requires the parking delivery and turning area to be retained and kept available for its use.


The Board was also provided with some background information and advised that to provide some clarification of the matters set out in the report, the application relates to the car parking management for the majority of Royal Clarence yard, located on the east side of Weevil Lane.


Planning permission was originally granted in outline in 2001 and a subsequent full permission to change parts of the development and increase the number of residential properties, in particular, was granted in 2006 on appeal.  This included the approval of a car parking management plan and a condition requiring details of how each phase would implement that management plan.  Subsequent separate full permissions have been approved throughout the site resulting in a complex array of interconnecting and overlapping permissions.


This application essentially is to bring all of the car parking management under one comprehensive plan, amending those previously approved, for the whole of this part of the Royal Clarence Yard Development.  This was as originally intended by the Inspector and, therefore, relates only to the approval of matters relating to the management of the car parking. It is not considered to be an opportunity to carry out a full review of the layout of the whole site, or require compliance with any updated planning policy, albeit this application makes amendments to the overall layout of the car parks, as set out in the report.   All other matters, including lighting and general site  ...  view the full minutes text for item 44.


Any Other Items


The Board was advised that a start date for an appeal on 87 Leesland Road had been received that related to an application that had been refused under delegated powers.