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Climate Change Board - Thursday, 13th January, 2022 6.00 pm

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All members are required to disclose at this point in the meeting or as soon as possible thereafter, any disclosable pecuniary interest or personal interest in any item(s) being considered at this meeting.


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(NOTE: the Board is required to receive a deputation(s) on a matter which is before the meeting of the Board provided that notice of the intended deputation and its object shall have been received by the Borough Solicitor by 12 noon on Tuesday 11th January 2022.The total time for deputations in favour and against a proposal shall not exceed 10 minutes)


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(NOTE: The Board is required to allow a total of 15 minutes for questions from members of the public on matters within the terms of reference of the Board provided that notice of such Question(s) shall have been submitted to the Borough Solicitor by 12 noon on Tuesday 11th January 2022)


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Reduction of Paper Use by Council Boards pdf icon PDF 199 KB


Consideration was given to a report by the Head of Corporate Policy and Community Safety regarding the setting up of a Task & Finish Group to consider opportunities to reduce paper use by Council Boards.


In answer to a Members question, Officers advised that they were still collating data on paper use within the Town Hall and were liaising with other departments to obtain the figures.


A Member advised that there would need to be a cultural shift, and the technical infrastructure and such considerations as licenses for online provision of reports would need to be taken into account.


A Member advised that Hampshire County Council had been paperless for some years, with Councillors having no option.


Members recognised that some Councilors may struggle with long screen times due to sight/eye issues.


Members felt that all Councillors and Officers own and use some form of device, but recognised that IT issues were frequent and may need  specialist support.




RESOLVED: That the Board approved the establishment of a Task & Finish Group to consider opportunities to reduce paper use by Council Boards and report back to the Climate Change Board within 6 months with its findings.


Climate Change Strategy pdf icon PDF 1 MB


Consideration was given to a report by the Climate Change Officer seeking approval for the Climate Change Strategy to be approved and recommended to Full Council.


In answer to a Members question Officers advised that the report author had received input from various officers across the Council, but there was no Member input into the draft report.


Members were advised that the strategy would need to be incorporated into the Policy Framework within the Constitution on its next update.


A Member commented that they felt the report was vague and weak, containing the barest minimum in order to be seen to be doing something, with no timescales, and needs tightening up.


A Member proposed an Amendment which was seconded.


Members were reminded that the Strategy was the aspiration not the action plan, and had been written in line with the agreed Framework.


A Member wished to allay the fears that Community and Youth Groups would not be listened to, and acknowledged that there were members of the community that were better informed on some matters than Members.


Members were keen to include young people and were disappointed that more had not come forward to join the Partnership, although they were advised that the Chair of the Partnership and the Principle of St Vincent’s would be creating a working group from their pupils under the Partnership. There was hope that some other mechanism could be adopted to increase Youth engagement.


A Member wished to acknowledge the number of nature related initiatives already happening citing Grange Farm, the wild meadow programme and other eco systems in place.


A Member brought the Boards attention to Priority 10 within the strategy, and reminded them that the Draft Local Plan contained contingencies for protection of the natural environment.


The Board voted on the amendment:


Add at end:


i)              With Forewords by a representative from each Political Group, not just a representative of the Conservative Party, the Foreword wording to be provided by each Political Group Leader and not be subject to approval or amendment by members of another PoliticalGroup


ii)            With the addition of a Council commitment to the terms of the 'Nature Emergency' motion from the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust whichstates:


We are in the middle of a nature crisis. Almost half of  all UK  wildlife is in long term decline  and 15% of  species are at risk of extinction. The climate emergency is only hastening this destruction of the natural environment, damaging habitats and disrupting ecosystems. Yet it is these very habitats that have the potential to lock up carbon and fight back against rising global temperatures. It is essential that we not only protect these spaces, but let them thrive - for the benefit of people, planet andnature.


As we recover from the COVID-19 crisis, the need for nature-rich green spaces where we live and work is clearer than ever and will help health, education and the economy build back stronger. We recognise that action must be  ...  view the full minutes text for item 69.