Agenda and minutes

Extraordinary, Housing Board - Friday, 19th March, 2021 6.00 pm

Contact: Lisa Young 

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All members are required to disclose at this point in the meeting or as soon as possible thereafter, any disclosable pecuniary interest or personal interest in any item(s) being considered at this meeting.


Councillor Hammond declared that part of the application was within his ward and that he was considering the proposals with an open mind.



(NOTE: The Board is required to receive a deputation(s) on a matter which is before the meeting of the Board provided that notice of the intended deputation and its object shall have been received by the Borough Solicitor by 12 noon on Wednesday 17th March 2021. The total time for deputations in favour and against a proposal shall not exceed 10 minutes)


There were none.



(NOTE: The Board is required to allow a total of 15 minutes for questions from Members of the public on matters within the terms of reference of the Board provided that notice of such Question(s) shall have been submitted to the Borough Solicitor by 12 noon on Wednesday 17th March 2021)


There were none.


Social & Affordable Housing Development Programme Update pdf icon PDF 69 KB

This report provides an update regarding the Council programme of new social and affordable housing within the Borough and seeks approval to change the sites which are earmarked to form the first tranche of development.



Consideration was given to a report by the Head of Housing regarding the programme of new social and affordable homes within the Borough, seeking approval to change the sites which are earmarked to form the first tranche of development.


Members welcomed the proposals and advised that it reflected the Council’s long held view that brownfield sites should be used first when constructing new properties and reinforced that green space in areas was not under threat.


In answer to a Member’s question, the Board was advised that Officers were confident that the nitrates issues would be mitigated. In addition it was advised that the deadlines for the properties would be met and the proposal for the Council houses for Gosport residents was welcome.


It was confirmed that the report had not been available for the cancelled meeting of the Board and that sites for additional houses were yet to be identified.


Members expressed concern that the public may not understand the definition of Greenfield sites, and also sought clarification of where in the roads listed the sites were. The Chairman advised that he would ensure a press release was released advising of the locations and reiterating the definition of the brownfield sites.


A Member advised that they had suggested some alternative sites and was advised they had been noted and were on the local plan.


The Board were advised that the recommendations made at Community Board in January 2020 were made to allow for a feasibility study and that this had taken place and had identified the corporate policy of using brownfield sites first. Green infill sites with no recreational value would also be looked at before difficult sites.


Members were requested to bring any sites they felt suitable forward, and in addition the local plan was being reviewed and it would provide more opportunity. In particular a scheme in Grove Road was being developed.


A Member advised that in addition to constructing 16 houses, another 16 properties had been bought by the Council and they advised that they were continually receiving requests, particular in the Bridgemary area for new Council housing to allow families to stay and live closer together.


A Member advised that although the spaces were defined as brownfield, they looked like outdoor open space, and on Google Maps areas were shown as outdoor space.


A Member advised the Board that they wished for a proposal to be put forward to consider each site individually, and wished to see negatives and positives for each site. This was proposed and seconded



Members felt that the Board Members should have looked at all the sites prior to the meeting and expressed concern that Members would vote against a proposal if it fell within their ward, for political reasons. A Member reminded the Board they were there to make difficult decisions and that there were currently 1000 families on the waiting list for Council properties and that by ignoring the difficult decisions, the situations would not improve.


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