Agenda and minutes

Council - Wednesday, 29th May, 2024 6.45 pm

Venue: Council Chamber, Town Hall, Gosport, PO12 1EB

Contact: Lisa Young  email:

No. Item


To receive apologies for Members for their inability to attend the meeting


An apology for non attendance was received from Councillor Bradley.


Declarations of Interest

All Members are required to disclose at this point in the meeting or as soon as possible thereafter, any disclosable pecuniary interest or personal interest in any item(s) being considered at this meeting


There were none.


Mayors Communications


The Mayor reminded the Board of his expectations of behavior for the year.



To confirm the minutes of the Council meeting held on 15 May 2024 pdf icon PDF 95 KB

15 May 2024 – Mayor Making

15 May 2024 – Adjourned Annual Council ( to follow)


Resolved: That the minutes of the meetings held on 15th May 2024 be signed as true and correct records.



Deputations and Public Questions

(NOTE: Standing Order No. 3.4 requires that notice of a Deputation should be received by the Borough Solicitor NOT LATER THAN 12 O’CLOCK NOON ON FRIDAY 24 MAY 2024 and likewise Standing Order No. 3.5 requires that notice of a Public Question should be received by the Borough Solicitor NOT LATER THAN 12 O’CLOCK NOON ON FRIDAY 24 MAY 2024)


There were none


Members questions

(NOTE: Members are reminded that Standing Order No. 3.3 requires that Notice of Question pursuant to that Standing Order must be received by the Borough Solicitor NOT LATER THAN 12 O’CLOCK NOON ON TUESDAY 28 MAY 2024 )


There were none.


Revised Capital Programme pdf icon PDF 430 KB

Report to follow.


Consideration was given to a report of the Borough Treasurer seeking approval of the Capital Programme 2024/25 to 2026/27 and to give delegated authority to amend the Prudential Indicators to reflect the capital programme set out in Appendix A.


It was clarified to the Council that paragraph 4.1 was to be removed at this time as it was believed that the grave work had been largely completed and the funds were not required. This would be clarified and confirmed to all Members in writing.


The Council was also advised that there was £795000 set aside to ensure that all of the Capital programme projects were completed and fully funded at all times.


There were 32 items listed, some of which may or may not go ahead, work still needed to be undertaken on investigating exactly what upgrades needed to be made on the IT system and decisions made on the proposed spend to remove equipment at the Lee on Solent Skatepark.


Some Members expressed disappointment that the report had been late, giving little time for consideration, but welcomed the responses from the Finance Officer.

They also advised that they were delighted that there had been money allocated for a survey on Jackie Spencer Bridge, as this was overdue, and presented a risk of losing the lake.


Some Members requested that the administration stop referring to a black hole deficit left behind by the previous administration, as this was untrue and been shown to be by the external auditors. The administration had lost capital and resources to support growth. The ring-fenced £800000 was earmarked for other projects, with £250000 removed from play parks, on top of £1.6 million on a project yet to be delivered, and it was impossible to see how this was legally justifiable or necessary. In previous years, specific projects had been listed, and now funds were lumped together, reducing accountability. Members felt uninformed as to what was happening and the administration could not be held to account. There were no costings, no business plans and no focus.


A Member advised that the paper showed a very clear statement of direction of travel. £1.6million removed from pavilions, allotments, the ice rink, Privett Park, Brookers Field, Nobes Avenue. The removal of funds from schemes that would benefit the entire Borough. The removal of funds from play areas across the Borough, all promised, yet removed after the election had taken place, leaving just £27000 for improvements, with the money being allocated as a slush fund for vanity projects. A total amount of £4million had been ring-fenced for the projects of the People’s Park and the Criterion, projects over which there were grave concerns. Projects were meant to benefit residents, not be vanity projects. 20 months later the Criterion was still derelict and the People’s Park had no direction. All that had been shown was a loss of parks and pavilions.


Leveling up money of £2450000 was listed but was not detailed, nor was the money clearly allocated. It wasn’t  ...  view the full minutes text for item 26.


Outside Body Appointment

To appoint a second representative to the Gosport Food Partnership and a representative for Solent Airport Consultative Committee



That Councillor Westerby be appointed to the Gosport Food Partnership

That Councillor Durrant be appointed to the Solent Sea Rescue


And that Councillors Burgess, Cully, Chegwyn, Cox and Hutchinson be appointed to the task and finish group.