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Urgent Decisions for Business Rate Relief ,Grants and Council Tax

Report to follow


Consideration was given to a report by the Head of Council Tax updating members on business rates reliefs and council tax support payments.


The Board was advised that there was one amendment to the report at 2.5, that there was now an end date to the scheme for wet led pubs, which was the 28th February 2021.


Members thanked the Council Tax staff for all the work undertaken in supporting local businesses through government schemes and the work undertaken in interpreting the schemes and the help and advice given to businesses by staff.


It was acknowledged that there were still some businesses that did not qualify for the schemes and that this was not the fault of the Council.


In answer to a Member question the Board was advised there had been 2772 grants made at a total of just under £22million. Some businesses had qualified for more than one grant over the course of the year.


In answer to a Member’s question the Board was advised that over the course there had been fraudulent claims, businesses that did not meet the criteria of the Government and advised that where possible, if grants could be paid they would but they were constrained by the criteria set out by the Government.


Members paid tribute to the officers in the work undertaken to ensure if the Council could help with grants, they would. It was recognised that the lifeline offered by the Government was essential but acknowledged that it was the Local Authority that would be audited for the grants issued and the work undertaken to ensure they were correctly distributed. It was therefore important the right criteria would be used.


Members recognised that it was a monumental effort to support businesses in this situation and to have a scheme in place to do so.


Members also recognised the support to Local Council Tax Support claimants.


RESOLVED: That the report was noted.

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