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Gosport Allocation Scheme

This report sets out proposals to amend the Council’s Allocation Scheme and associated Banding Scheme.



Consideration was given to a report by the Housing needs and Advice Manager setting out proposals to amend the Council’s Allocation Scheme and associated Banding Scheme.


Members were advised that since the publication of the report, the Armed Forces Act had been enacted and created the need to make the following amendments.


2.3 now reads


2.3The scheme must also give additional preference to serving or former members of the armed Forces who have an urgent housing need in line with the Armed Forces Act 2021, and the Local Armed Forces Covenant.


2.5 now reads

2.5 Any qualification criteria must include:

·         members of the regular forces and the reserve forces;

·         members of British Overseas Territory forces who are subject to Service law;

·         former members of any of His Majesty’s forces who are ordinarily resident in the UK within five years of discharge; and,relevant family members


3.3.6-3.3.7 now reads

3.3.6       Be a member of the Armed Forces, British Overseas Territory Forces subject to Service law, or former Service personnel within 5 years of discharge or a former Service personnel with no established local connection to a housing authority area,


3.3.7    Be a bereaved spouse, civil partner, or relevant family member of a member of the Armed Forces leaving Services family accommodation following the death of their spouse, civil partner or relevant family member,



  In answer to a member’s question officers advised that whilst this does not give a higher priority to a member of the Armed Forces generally, if there were two applications shortlisted for the same property and  both had the the same banding and the same application date, the member of the Armed Forces would receive preference.


  Officers advised that in a case of divorce, the non Armed Forces partner would be treated as a homeless case with no special priority.


  Members thanked the officers for highlighting the changes and updates to the scheme, which made it much easier to identify the amendments.


In answer to a Members question officers advised that they did not think that the amendments cause by the Armed Forces Act would create a greater demand, as they would still have to have a defined housing need.


Officers clarified that in terms of paragraph 7.6, the housing register is for general needs accommodation only.. Those people who need to access supported living accommodation  are  referred to Hampshire County Council’s Adult Social Care Team.


Officers advised that instances of anti-social behaviour in previous accommodation are looked at on a case by case basis.. They agreed to supply additional information on this subject to Members.


In answer to a Members question,the Head of Housing advised that she was due to have a meeting with the Head of Environmental Health to discuss the issue of mould, particularly due to recent events. Members were advised that surveyors do investigate reports of mould and give help and advice on the cause and remedies for mould. It was felt that the instances of mould may increase if tenants choose to ventilate their homes less in order to conserve heat within the property.


RESOLVED: That the Board approved the amendments to the Allocation Scheme and Banding Scheme as detailed in the report and in the update given at the meeting.



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