Agenda item

Urgent Community Grant Applications


By reason of special circumstances, the Chairman determined that the following items be considered at this meeting notwithstanding the fact that they had not been available for public inspection in accordance with the provisions of Section 100 (4)(a) of the Local Government Act 1985


The special circumstances were created by the need to urgently consider the following revenue applications.


      I.        Montserrat Events Coronation Lunch

    II.        Level Up Gosport

   III.        Lee Residents Association

  IV.        Hampshire Music Service




i)             Montserrat Events Coronation Lunch


Consideration was given to an application for £4,000 in Community Grant fund towards the proposal to host several community celebrations for the Coronation of King Charles III.


It was proposed and agreed  to award £800 to host a public Coronation Street Party in Lee-on-the-Solent


ii)            Level Up Gosport


Consideration was given to an application for £4,936 of Community Grant funds to provide a part time Support Worker and a programme to capture the progress of the young people.


Mary Ive, the Chairman of Trustees was invited to address the Sub Board, and advised that as they have successfully received £1,000 from another source, they were looking for the balance of £3,936.


Members were advised that Level Up Gosport (previously known as Loud and Proud) support young adults to gain self-respect and confidence through community volunteering, and 80% of the young people that the charity supports have gone on to secure employment, return to education or taken part in volunteering.


Members were advised that GBC Parks and Gardens have been very supportive and have agreed to pilot a three year work experience programme, but advise that a support worker is essential to ensure the young people have a point of contact.


Members agreed a sum of £2,000 to be paid now with the balance of £1,936 to be given later in the year if an application is submitted.


iii)           Lee Residents Association


Consideration was given to an application for £10,000 or Community Grant funds towards the creation of a location for teaching cycle proficiency and road safety.


John White, Chairman of Lee residents Association was invited to address the Sub Board and advised that the Association was awaiting the results of applications to HCC and the Lottery.


Members were advised that the LRA had identified an area of approximately 600m2  at Lee Rec that had previously been a basketball court but was now a redundant area in a state of disrepair. The scheme would include re-surfacing the area and adding bus stops, zebra crossings, parking bays etc to provide not just a play area but a safe environment in which to learn about road safety.


Members fully supported this scheme and were keen that the work be carried and and/or supplied by local firms.


The Chairman stated that as the land belonged to GBC, other budgets should be looked at to fund the scheme including the play area budget and S106 money. It was suggested that a meeting be held with the Parks and Leisure department, ward Councillors and the LRA to find a way forward.


Members agreed not to award a grant but to find funding elsewhere for the scheme.


iv)           Hampshire Music Service


Consideration was given to an application for £18,850 in Community Grant funds towards a project delivering a fully staged piece of theatre and music.


Members agreed to request that Hampshire Music Service submit a lower application and defer a decision until the next Grants Sub Board.







      I.        A grant of £800 to be paid to Montserrat Events for a Coronation Lunch

    II.        A grant of £2,000 to be paid to Level Up Gosport

   III.        No grant to be paid to Lee Residents Association

  IV.        Application from Hampshire Music to be deferred.